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We Focus On Three Key Areas Of Business Growth
Establish you and your brand as experts in the field so it predisposes your top prospects to commit to you unquestionably.
Build Relationships
Develop your LinkedIn connections to build solid relationships and cultivate mutual respect and harmony as it’s generally two of the critical indicators to success.
Cultivating relationships can grant you unlimited opportunities that encourage your brand's success and longevity and build an unstoppable flow of leads and referrals.
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Our Process
The Foundation
Every relationship starts with a foundation. We promote a process that allows you to learn your potential client beforehand so you can influence results. The rest of the steps will be significantly more powerful if you establish this step first and foremost.
Your Leadership Platform
We further provide a leadership platform that ranks you and your brand as a dominant leader in your niche or industry. We create your very own Linkedin Group which will fast track everything else you do in the system, plus owning your LinkedIn Group will allow you to immediately establish Influence with your top connections.
Authority Positioning
To position you as an expert in your field, we do the work so you stand out the most. Our brand strategists and professional SEO writers will create articles that will feature you as an author in Linkedin News and win you the first full page of the Google listing and featured on major media sites such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Entrepreneur.com and more.
Building Your Database
This point in our 7 Step Process involves organizing your database of credible individuals and business owners. This confirms a substantial list of possible clients. Using several approaches, we will connect them to your LinkedIn network. 
Prospect Outreach
Next, we’ll continue to work with our team of copywriters and strategists and begin a limited campaign employing the database of likely clients and the content we create. We contact 35 to 50 prospects per day. This approach is highly proactive and ensures you’ll consistently engage qualified prospects who ultimately make referrals and book appointments with you.
Follow-Up Messaging
While the goal is to set appointments, it can take up to 10 attempts, sometimes more, before your leads will consent to a call or accept an invitation to meet. Our follow-up process will promise you are among the leading professionals they consider when they wish to grow.
Cultivate Your Online Relationships
Having a positive rapport will further strengthen the foundation of your LinkedIn connections. The sense of camaraderie you have when you meet someone that not only likes you but you're someone they can count on is rewarding. 

By inviting your connections to meet you offline, whether it’s buying them a cup of coffee or dinner or by video chat or by phone, they’ll realize your attributes as a primary collaborator, expert and reliable brand and want to do business with you and send referrals your way.
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